Key Contacts

Shishir Baijal
T: +91 982 1313 366

Dinaz Aibara
T: +91 932 0881 638

Sukanya Chakraborty
T: +91 916 7516 557

Kevin Coppel
T: +65 9352 5650

Sarah Mayo
T: +65 9880 3947

Rachel Loke
T: +65 9653 3497

Amit Ghodekar
T: +91 992 0882 544

Rohit Jadhav
T: +91 992 0070 494



As we had highlighted in our very first message about the KFAP Conference, this year we want to have an ever stronger focus on our connectivity. In order to make it easier for you to network with colleagues, we will be holding a sailing event on the afternoon of Wednesday 5 November.

In addition to the sailing, there will be optional yoga sessions every morning during the conference. Kick start your day on a healthy note with a group yoga class, overlooking the Arabian Sea. Click Yes to register for the morning yoga sessions now.