Key Contacts

Shishir Baijal
T: +91 22 6745 0103

Dinaz Aibara
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Kevin Coppel
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Get ready to set sail in one of the world’s most interesting coastal cities

Upon check-in, there will be a two-page consent form which you would need to sign in order to set sail with Aquasail – the pioneer in the leisure boating industry in India.  Please click here to preview the consent form.

To enjoy the sailing session, please make sure you have packed these items in your luggage:

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Insect repellent
  3. Closed-toe shoes such as trainers or sneakers for sailing
  4. Hat or suitable sun protection for your face
  5. Sunglasses
  6. Seasick medication (if you are prone to sea sickness)


More information about the sailing experience – provided by Aquasail

Set Sail: Explore the magical world of sailing & world-class leisure cruising

Sailing with Aquasail is a unique and memorable experience. Everyone on the boat is fully engaged – you get a chance to steer the boat, pull the ropes or simply sit back and relax. There is something in it for every one whether you are keen on high activity or prefer listening to the sound of the sea and the wind. Fully equipped sailing yachts provide the participant with a true experience of the joy of cruising on open seas. Warm hospitality onboard adds delight.

Hospitality Venue: The yachts themselves

Sailing Venue: In and around Mumbai Harbour

Boats: A beautiful 25-foot sailing yacht imported from France.  Ideal for the avid sailor as well as perfect for a first timer. Aquasail’s world class fleet includes sailing yachts ranging from 25 to 40 feet including a fantastic sailing catamaran. These yachts are fully equipped with kitchen and cabins and deck areas for relaxing.

Instructors:Our instructors are passionate about teaching and are able to get

new comers to sail and get fully involved in the whole experience. They are able to make people of different age groups and profiles feel exceptionally comfortable

Duration: 1.5 hours

About Aquasail:Aquasail is a pioneer in the leisure boating industry in India. Aquasail has invested in state of art equipment, fantastic boats and a highly qualified team to create powerful products and a range of leisure boating solutions benchmarked to global standards. This is the Aquasail way of creating access to ensure that India discovers the joy of sailing in safe, fun and relevant way. 

Aquasail business includes 

  1. The Aquasail Yachting Academy: a range of courses and sailing experience products for adults and children. These are structured as per international standards
  2. SAILIENCE: Aquasail leverages the platform of sailing for powerful team building and leadership programs focusing on relevant business needs
  3. Corporate Events : for networking, brand launches and other corporate objectives
  4. Sponsored Regattas : a superb branding platform for customer acquisition
  5. Distribution: selling a range of relevant boats and yachts. Aquasail also provides solutions like Time Share and Fractional Ownership
  6. Marina Building : Aquasail has partnered with some of the world’s best marina builders to help facilitate the growth of the marina infrastructure in the country

Aquasail is proud and happy that over 6000 (including approx. 1500 children) people has had an unforgettable experience sailing with us.

Aquasail also reaches out to youth and the student community through the Aquasail Youth Sailing Foundation (AYSF), in order to promote sailing among the youth in India

About the Founder and Managing Director: Mr Shakeel Kudrolli

Shakeel Kudrolli, the Founder and the Managing Director of Aquasail has over 3 decades of sailing experience. Shakeel is a corporate lawyer by profession having run a successful law practice for over 20 years.

Committed to excellence, Shakeel raised performance benchmarks in sailing achieving what no Indian had done by winning Gold for the country in international waters at the Asian Regatta in 1989. He then went on to win two silvers at the competitive Enterprise World Championships in Zimbabwe and South Africa in 1995 and 1997. At the prestigious UK Enterprise Open Championships in 1997 Shakeel achieved what no Asian has by bringing home the silver. Shakeel was awarded Yachtsman of the Year in 1989 and 1995. It has been acknowledged that Shakeel raised the overall performance standard in the country with his training methodology that used skill enhancement as well as mental training inputs.

Shakeel began sailing at the Sea Cadet Corps and spent over 30 years volunteering his time at this organization. He was the Executive Officer for over 10 years. Shakeel’s passion for sailing is reflected in the number of hours he has invested in coaching children imparting not just skills required for competitive sailing but creating the foundation for discipline and strong character and also instilling in them the joy of being on the water. He coached the Indian Junior squad which won the Junior World championships in 1988.

Shakeel founded the Indian Marine Federation (IMF). The IMF is an industry body aimed at guiding and facilitating the growth of this emerging industry in a healthy and sustainable manner. It will work closely with the government and industry bodies on frameworks for growth in the leisure boating industry. The IMF is associated with the British Marine Federation, the apex body in the UK for the leisure boating industry and is a member of ICOMIA. (International Council of Marine Industry Associations)