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Mixed use

The property industry has an opportunity to create vibrant, sustainable places. But in order to do so, there needs to be a greater understanding of how to deliver quality, financially lucrative mixed-use developments. That’s where we step in. We’ve been advising investors and developers on mixed use development for over twenty years, making us one of the most prolific, experienced and forward thinking global property consultancies.

Drawing on our extensive contacts from within the world of real estate, our commercial and residential experts have the acumen and foresight to identify, negotiate on and acquire ideal development land and seamlessly oversee project delivery from start until completion.

Why Knight Frank

Mixed-use development is, by its nature, a complex process which requires a different approach to traditional property development. However, given lack of housing supply and land constraints, it is an important and necessary part of the regeneration and urban renewal process.

At Knight Frank we’re committed to facilitating sustainable mixed-use development. In fact, it’s what we thrive on. As such, over the last two decades we’ve advised hundreds of investors and large-scale and boutique developers on how to mitigate risk and maximise capital returns while helping to create exciting, multi-faceted places in which to work, live and play.

  • Feasibility studies and valuations
  • Land assembly
  • Landowner collaboration and equalisation agreements
  • Market research/segmentation
  • Joint ventures, promotional agreements and conditional contracts
  • Sale and acquisition of development opportunities