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Realty Asset Monetisation 2018: An Overview

Knight Frank India’s third edition of the Capital Markets report ‘Realty Asset Monetisation 2018: An Overview’ deciphers the emerging trends in monetisation of real estate assets.

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PE investments across debt and equity:

  • PE investments across debt and equity shifted into a new paradigm post 2014 with the new Government coming into power
  • PE investments grew at a CAGR of around 36% from USD 2.5 billion (Rs. 17,200 Cr) in 2014 to USD 8.6 billion (Rs. 59,100 Cr) in 2017

PE investments into equity across commercial assets:


  • USD 8.35 billion (Rs. 57,300 crores) has been invested into office assets since 2011
  • Developers have pocketed 95% (USD 7.9 billion or Rs. 54,145 crores) of the total investments into office assets


  • USD 1.51 billion (Rs. 10,362 crores) has been invested into retail assets since 2011
  • Many developers in the top metros of India who are not in need of funds are still holding on to their most sought-after retail assets, as the anticipated rent growth in the mall is higher than contractual terms


  • Policy reforms have catapulted the sector into a new trajectory post 2014
  • USD 4.2 billion (Rs. 28,822 crores) has been invested into the organised warehousing sector since 2011. Out of which USD 4.1 billion (Rs. 28,136 crores) has been invested since 2014