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DCPR 2034 – Deciphering Mumbai’s Future

Our latest report delves into the fine print of the Mumbai DCPR 2034

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Key Contacts
  • Sugata Sarkar

    Senior Director - Consultancy & Market Research
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  • Saurabh Mehrotra

    National Director - Valuation & Advisory
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Knight Frank is the only IPC to have a dedicated market research team that helps clients identify problems and find befitting business solutions for them. Consumer insights are imperative for any enterprise. We help you understand your clients better. We provide cutting edge insights that empower you to decipher target audiences and offer them tailor-made products.

Our structured processes to meet clients’ objectives

Setting Objectives:

  • Interacting with clients to understand their core problem and expectations; fine tuning the requirements to set correct and achievable research objectives for clients.


  • Setting the study scope so that it remains focused in achieving the objectives in an optimal manner

Target Setting:

  • Identifying the target group or sample segments required for the study

Research Methodolgy:

  • Identifying the correct research methodology to be followed – secondary or primary – qualitative or quantitative.

Quality Control Methods:

  • Adhering to strict quality control methods for data collection methods. Using appropriate questionnaires to collect data used in analyzing the responses to address the objectives in a report format.

How clients benefit

Tapping new business opportunities:

  • Market Research studies help you identify new business opportunities or underserviced markets. It also educates you about changing market trends and socio-economic changes.

Discover Customers:

  • For new businesses, products or services a basic launch study acquaints clients with right target audiences. The subsequent cycle is to understanding customers’ satisfaction from existing products and services.

Risk Minimisation:

  • Analysing the impact generated by any erstwhile or existing products and services over a period of time. For brands we offer a ‘Brand Launch Monitor’ where close monitoring of brands’ performance is conducted.

Success Monitor:

  • Measure success through potential analysis; evaluation of growth, pitfalls and possible solutions.

Gap Analysis

  • Recognize existing gaps with respect to competition spot loose ends and get the first movers advantage.

Developing Strategies:

  • Understanding strategies required for services or products, creating improved communication to its consumers, learn about product positioning and market segmentation.

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